Rio to build power plant at Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia

Rio to build power plant at Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia

Move would add further costs to an ongoing $5.3 billion underground expansion of the massive mine.
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Galician MP denounces tailings pond breach

Lídia Senra filed a complaint before the European Commission denouncing the breach of a tailings pond in the Touro municipality.
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Vancouver company obtains positive results in process of extracting metals from petcoke

MGX Minerals will proceed with its previously announced partnership with Highbury Energy.
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German scientists to build machine that speeds up urban mining processes

Some urban mining already takes place in the EU but it involves melting devices together in a furnace and removing the most valuable metals.
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Endeavour on track to pour first gold from Ity mine next year

Firm said the $412-million construction project to upgrade the Ivory Coast-based gold mine remained on-time and on-budget.
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Tahoe lost $18 million last quarter on Escobal mine reopening delays

Adjusted loss was $17.7 million, which dramatically contrast with the $18.4 million profit logged a year ago, which reflects the impact of the ongoing shutdown of its flagship Escobal silver mine, in Guatemala.
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Eight Gupta firms seek insolvency protection in South Africa

The Gupta brothers were accused of using their political connections to win state contracts and influence cabinet appointments
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Century Aluminum CEO: will recall workers if Trump imposes tariffs

The Commerce Department last week revealed its import restriction options for Trump, including a 7.7% global aluminum tariff on products from all countries.
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Deal wizard of South African gold mining is scaring investors

Investors might be running out of patience with Sibanye Gold Ltd.’s colorful chief executive, Neal Froneman.
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This guy got rich on Congo mines until bribe probe put future on hold

A 20-year friendship that helped turn Dan Gertler into a billionaire has left the Israeli businessman with a lot fewer places to go.
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USD and Gold cycles

There were only four cycles compared to six in the US dollar: two gold bull markets and two gold bear markets.
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Gold oddly remains out of favor

The fear, anxiety, and apathy still plaguing gold lies in the psychology of gold’s two primary driving forces, futures speculators and stock investors.
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Robust and reliable data communications support more effective mining operations

At Vršany Lom, communication network challenges have been overcome with the implementation of robust industrial networking technology from Westermo.
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Zimbabwe resumes diamond sales, expects to auction 1.56 million carats

A test sale was conducted and, according to the Minister of Mines, it was a total success.
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Corruption perceptions index 2017

This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index highlights that the majority of countries are making little or no progress in ending corruption.
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