Designing Your Loft Space With Style

Last week we discussed how to decorate your loft with contemporary furniture. This week, lets review some great suggestions from an interior designer on how to decorate that loft with style. Living in a loft space can be a challenge when it comes to decorating, especially since it was likely not meant for residential use. Taking this into consideration, we have provided some tips on dividing that wide open loft that will make it simple and fun.

Use Activity To Divide Your Loft Space

How you will divide your urban loft must take into consideration what types of activities you will engage in. Some activities to consider include sleeping, eating, working, and entertaining. Choosing something like the low-back gorgeous Riviera Sofa, for example, will not only encourage social time with family and friends, but also enhance your small loft space by making the ceiling seem higher. You can use plants, bookcases and curtains to further divide your space.

Manage Your Lighting For Optimal Beauty

The best way to brighten those dark corners and highlight your favorite contemporary furniture pieces is through lighting. You can achieve subtle demarcation and enhance mood simply by where you direct your lighting. Contemporary track lighting is an excellent way to highlight such lively pieces as the armless Jester Club Chair.

Fabric And Texture Add Warmth And Comfort

Finally, you will want to choose fabrics and textures for your furniture that make a cold loft feel warm and cozy. The right fabric will provide you with a sense of comfort, while texture further adds depth to those white, cold walls in your new loft home. This is a great way, as well, to add colorful flair and express your individuality through such contemporary furniture pieces as Martini Barstools.

Choosing Designer Furniture Is The Best

There is no doubt that these example pieces will spark your ingenuity and pride. Making a space your own individual representation is the most effective way to making home a place to be proud of. Browse the latest in urban furniture design and begin filling your loft space with sensible and original pieces that lift and accommodate your mood during any activity.

by Jason Pires Sponsored by Armen Living Contemporary Furniture Easy On The Budget Armen Living celebrates bold individuality, vibrant youthfulness, sensual refinement, and expert craftsmanship at fiscally sensible price points. Each piece conveys pleasure and exudes self expression while resonating with the contemporary chic lifestyle.

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