The Ultimate Gaming & Gadget Chair – 3D concept design animation – The Gadget Show

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE GADGET CHAIR HERE: A short 3D animation of a ‘Gaming/Gadget Chair’ concept design I did for the Channel 5 TV programme “The Gadget Show”. Here’s a full description: _________________ The ultimate Gadget Chair is a totally immersive, escapist, entertainment experience. Incorporating the latest technology, the G-Shell provides everything for the users entertainment needs. With features including in-built games consoles, computer, TV/PVR, video/music playback, heater/cooling, mood lighting and back massager, what more could you need? Fundamental to the G-Shells design is comfort and ergonomics. A supportive leather upholstered chair forms the basis to the G-Shell experience. Housed underneath the red exterior lies a wealth of technology, including heating elements, miniature cooling fans, adjustable lumbar support (controlled via the computer GUI) and a soothing back massager. The main function of the G-Shell is to create an immersive experience; to place you in a zone far away from the outside world. This is achieved through a number of technological features: Entertainment – Housed underneath the chair is the technology behind the G-Shell experience. It contains all three next-gen consoles, plus a Wi-Fi Mac/PC system doubling as the chairs control centre. In addition to this are 2 HD Digital TV tuners, providing a 1TB high capacity PVR. Visuals – An electronically adjustable 16:9 OLED screen is positioned in front of the

18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gaming & Gadget Chair – 3D concept design animation – The Gadget Show

  1. Also I’d like it to be used for editing, surfing the web, and other computer related things…but who am I to make requests, lol.

  2. Very cool, but it would have to be adjustable for small people like me and also very cushiony because my gaming chair makes my back hurt after a short while.

  3. how did you get the monitor to open in C4D? Such a simple task and frustrated to get it done in other 3D apps but C4D. New user…thanks.

  4. Sensors on the folding wheel would detect for different shapes and sizes of people, to avoid leg-chopping 🙂

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