Hover Car – Prototype

Preview of the futuristic ‘X-Hawk’ hover car, designed for vertical landing and takeoff in cities. If you want to follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook click on the links to below!! FOLLOW us on Twitter: ow.ly or LIKE us on Facebook: ow.ly Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts…see it all here @ http://www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “Hover Car – Prototype

  1. @deadalus1000 unmanned not unnamed…. meaning it will be controlled remotely without a pilot

  2. This is not for civilian use… People are already getting into accidents with the simple controls of a car… This is designed like a jet/helicopter. >_> No way in hell am I leaving the bunker if this or other advanced vehicles are out on civilian market…

  3. so why have we not put a plane and a car in a dark lit room, with some mood music, and a nice cushy bed and see if a hover car gets made. just sayin

  4. hover cars? wtf? you can´t do a buronut in a hover car :/ why am i born in the 2000´s? 😦

  5. Very cool

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