Food you inhale! LeWhif

Is it the food of the future? These sticks called LeWhif contain coffee or chocolate and you have to breathe them to taste them. A world first. See more of the FREE gadget magazine here:

10 thoughts on “Food you inhale! LeWhif

  1. @midnightmagicwitch Money? I just got a deal for a free one! This isn’t those flavored ones, its a flavorless pure 100mg of caffeine. Same idea, but it’s called an Aero Shot. it’s still made by the same professor though. I think the one I’m getting is a much cooler idea, so you have a burst of pure caffeine when you are feeling tired, anywhere, anytime.

  2. People, I bought this (like an idiot) cuz’ I was so impressed about this whole molecular food thing… THIS IS A SCAM. Never consider spending your money for this product, that claims what it’s not.

    Just take an empty tube of M&Ms and pour some cocoa powder inside it. No need to pay 2 bucks for a plastic piece of shit.

  3. I guess people would rather starve than getting ripped on by cocaine-snorting crack smoking”Friends”.

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