EG100 Cell Phone Watch Review

Follow me on twitter See watch make calls My cool new toy! I actually got this watch phone free. It’s a phone, an mp4 and mp3 player, camera and a lot of other things. in my opinion, this is much cooler than an ipod touch!

25 thoughts on “EG100 Cell Phone Watch Review

  1. @WammyzTardz cellphonewatchshop (dot) (com) not as big and ugly. and comes in better colors

  2. @WammyzTardz go to ebay and “phone watch” on the search. There’s a new model called “gd910” search that. It’s an awesome watch, gd910 is my next watch that I’ll review. It has a joystick.

  3. @cyreneq I changed my mind, I cant find a freaking site that sells it that dosent have bad reviews @_@ Please tell me where u got it D: Ill give you a cookeh.. :D?

  4. @WammyzTardz you can buy them anywhere on the internet – ebay, amazon, and other websites. I don’t really want to endorse a certain company or site since I don’t get paid to advertise them. haha.

  5. @cyreneq oh um sorry for asking another question but is triband the same thing as guad band? o_O

  6. @WammyzTardz Make sure you get the Quad Band version – they work in the U.S. Most new models now are quad – but make sure.

  7. I have tha same phone but my problem is i cant get ringtones…..and my 4GB micro sd card is not transfering my music ringtones or videos how did u do it “I MUST KNOW”

  8. i live in california and i’m trying to get my phone to work with my atat sim just dont know how to set it up

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