Reinnovating The Gadgets 4 – Prelude to Ragnarok

I decided to talk about some of the futuristic approaches to the metagame this time around. Everything will be evolving in such a short time during the next few weeks. So fasten your seat belts and do not get swept away by the nordics end of the world.

25 thoughts on “Reinnovating The Gadgets 4 – Prelude to Ragnarok

  1. Gozan is a good idea, especially if you are playing Machina Gadgets, X-Sabers, or Blackwings. It really won’t effect you.

  2. hey robbie i know some good tech against sams… magic drain and king tiger though hes not too good with gadgets lol but neway also u could play a continous trap line up … imperial custom vanitys emptyness and gozen match for complete control plus dyna in 3s should be REALLY good against them…. i’m feeling rockstun next format…and in case u dont know who this is its kasey from reggies lol

  3. You probably should have talked about siding in fairy winds. It will hit both the gateway, and united.

  4. @WindchargerPrime oh I think they will, pay 2000 LP pretty much says it’ll be REALLY hard to use the 3rd.

  5. man just to let you know you made me make fish otk and so far i love it man i thank you and team dkf i went to locals and won with it =D and i am going to run at YCS dallas so thank you mkhol40

  6. @TheYugioh2371 Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki. It has the same effect as Boggart Knight; when it’s normal summoned, you can special summon 1 level 4 or lower Six Samurai monster from your hand. It has 200 ATK, and when there is at least one other Six Samurai monster on the field, it gains 1500 ATK.

  7. @xboy1dax Sams will get hurt though, even though they get released a month before the march banlist, they will imit grandmaster and gateway

  8. Cold wave is beyond broken and heavy really needs to come back…I really dont know why everyone is all D riding six sams there honestly whatever… Like robbie said unless they open up with the nuts there not that much of a problem..

  9. @mkohl40 effect veiler’s no good, or are there not enough ways to deal with shien for wimpy gadgets?

  10. Another side deck option, though less effective would be Battle of the Elements. Granted it requires all monsters to be face up and only works once versus continuous.

  11. oh noes not another scrub commenting on a pro’s channel

    if puppet plant is good, why is creature swap and enemy controller never used in gadgets? gadgets seem like the perfect monster fodder to use with econ or swap, and couldn’t it also work with a synchro engine and mind control?

    yeah yeah just ignore the bk

  12. Gozen Match is good, but I’d like to point some other things out;

    Kagemusha, Kizan, Grandmaster, all share the Earth attribute. So we can play around Gozen Match somewhat. Mizuho and Hand are the same attribute too, though nobody seems to use Mizuho. So is Kamon, which can pop face-ups. However, chaining Gozen Match to Kageki, out boggart knight, is the best thing to do, since Kageki is Wind and we have no other winds that are main worthy.

  13. blackwings ? i believe there going to wreck sams wit trip icarus and if we get heavy back it just becomes easier……

  14. @YugiohTrader23 if I remember correctly, kizan is super, enishi and the shien synchro are ultra / ulti, there’ one secret but I forgot which card i was. the rest are commons and rares. that’s what I heard / read at least.

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