Iron Man desktop theme plus bonus stuffs

Iron man theme and some additional stuffs…I use a software called Rainmeter to install the desktop theme and afterwards i use a software called madotate to change my 2D windows into 3D. And i add in some additional themes such as the Enigma theme and some windows gadgets. ALL this is to make it look more realistic like what in the movies they show Tony Stark on his computer. All credits don’t go to me. I did all this for the fun of it 🙂 here are the links to download: ~iron man theme: ~rainmeter theme installer: ~madotate (change 2D window explorer to 3D):

25 thoughts on “Iron Man desktop theme plus bonus stuffs

  1. @azri626 i need help! i accidentally clicked “CLICK THROUGH” and i couldn’t click any of it (sorry for my bad english TT^TT)

  2. @TheRhythmRider from here tinyurlDotCOM/4xt5u83 sorry Youtube doesn’t allow me to put up links at the comment.

  3. i have my version of iron man theme at deviantart, just search Iron Man Theme Download… i have instructions and screen shots on how to edit link buttons inside the skin ^^

  4. @azri626 Watch from that time onwards for the full instructions on how to show the pictures on that small slideshow box. 🙂

  5. @LunaG if you have installed the iron man theme in (your DOCUMENTS) just restart the rainmeter and right click the skin, rainmeter menu, configs, open iron man, and start opening the skins 1 by 1… you can ask me 4 more info..

  6. everything works fine with the exception of the notes section. It still displays the default notes and i am unable to edit them and add new ones

  7. I downloaded the ironman theme and put it in my skins folder, but when i try to install it, it will not let me. plz help

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