The Greatest Food & Travel: West Village, NYC with CiCi Li! So amazing!

Food Paradise Facebook! Check out my Vlog! The Greatest Food & Travel: West Village, NYC with CiCi Li! So amazing! Today, CiCi explored the West Village section of Greenwich Village; famous for the “Beat Generation” of the 1950’s. Before getting started, CiCi wanted to fortify herself with a serious cup of coffee. This meant a visit to Roasting Plant Coffee; a specialty coffee shop with high tech brewing techniques and unique flavors. Appropriately charged, CiCi’s next stop was “AC Gears,” a fun, futuristic, gadget lifestyle boutique. What other toy and novelty shop has a backpack with built-in solar panels for charging your electronic devices, or a face bank that literally eats your money? After her trip through gadgetland, CiCi was ready for lunch at “Ofrenda” Mexican Restaurant, with food and atmosphere offering the gift of authentic home-style cooking and warm tradition. CiCi even got an impromptu Samba dance lesson, and the background behind some of the artwork depicting stories of family and cooking. Of course CiCi was there for the food, and she was amazed by delicious dishes using Cactus; something she never would have thought was edible, much less delicious. Dance, music, art, and food all in one place; “Ofrenda” definitely illustrates the New York City aesthetic, especially the West Village. After lunch, it was time for dessert, and CiCi wanted something cool and refreshing on that hot summer day. “Popbar;” gelato-on-a-stick was

25 thoughts on “The Greatest Food & Travel: West Village, NYC with CiCi Li! So amazing!

  1. Nice vid, CiCi. You’re a nice-looking gal and watching this vid made me homesick. πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic! Love your NY presentations Cici, you make people feel at home in your home city, even to us from the other side of the world!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice video. You’re a very talented actress! As a christian I think it’s also important to develop a relationship? with God through the Person of Jesus Christ. Once again,great video.

  4. Most of the random ‘hot’ girl accounts are made by men, using fake pictures.I have a friend who posted a picture of some random girl’s vag he hooked up with, later he? found out that same girl gave him the clap.

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