Futuristic Electronics: Japan 2009

TVs controlled by hand gestures, crash-proof cars…and unicycling robots? Coming to a home near you… Where else to find Diagonal View… FOLLOW us on Twitter: ow.ly or LIKE us on Facebook: ow.ly Strange talents, shocking stories, dangerous stunts…see it all here @ http://www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “Futuristic Electronics: Japan 2009

  1. No that NOT mimi it’s freaking miku hatsune from vocaloid and I hope they’ll make kaito ^_^

  2. I highly doubt that robot is 113 pounds, I think you meant 13? If that robot tipped over at 113 pounds it’d be all over.

  3. and this is why i love japan! smart, excellent in building, and they invent anything! now i really want to go to japan 😀

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