Dynamics Credit Card Demo

Half credit card, half futuristic gadget, the cards are as versatile as they are secure. You can tie multiple accounts to the same card or completely hide certain digits of your card number at the push of a button — buttons which are embedded in the card and are as thin as the card itself.


25 thoughts on “Dynamics Credit Card Demo

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  2. @prrsnikety you fail to see the meaning in my comment — if all your info is in ONE PLACE on ONE CARD — and you LOSE THAT CARD…youre royally screwed.

    had nothing to do about losing the wallet

  3. @carfan2k2 You mean just like if you lost your wallet? If you’re the type to lose things just get the security one that was discussed in the video. You lose it, no problem!

  4. Who else noticed the big triangle symbol on the top of the card? hmm.. i bet £100m somebodys gonna makes a video about illuminati including this ._.

  5. soo…if someone loses that or misplaces it… they’re screwed because all of their info is in one place

    ingenious idea!

  6. It’s acutally 10 buttons…look closer at it. An account digit can be 0-9, what you’re doing is typing in the missing digits of the account (we’ll call it a long PIN number), I would guess it’s like texting on a non-QWERTY pad, if you wanted a “B” you hit “1” twice. Looks similar here, if you want a “1”, hit the first button twice, a “4” hit the third button once, etc.

  7. @falconexe What? If there’s 5 buttons, you can still still assume that you can have a longer code than just 5 numbers/letters. At least that’s what I was assuming.

    If you still think that doesn’t matter, here’s something to think about: what if he had pressed one of the buttons 3,126 times?

  8. @mattyohe theres only 5 button to press, it doesnt matter of how many number appeared on the card. There are only 3,125 combination

  9. they should make a chip that would be embedded either on you right hand or your forehead, that works with rf signals.

  10. That’s a pretty sweet idea, but I’d have to see a lot more technical specs before I trusted that much information to one card.

  11. @bone009 What ur nimwit little brain fails to see is that u can do the exact same thing with a regulare card, in fact this card doesn’t give u the code to the account it self but more like unlocks the numbers shown on the card… u’re so cool though with ur super powers and stuff! yay for u

  12. @bone009 excuse me but your math is off, because you can use the same letter five times the amount of combinations becomes 5^5 or 3125 combos. increasing the combination using six presses bumps it up to 15625. and it only goes up from there. plus if u program in a lock feature which locks the card permanents after a certain number of tries are inputted too quickly i.e. hacking. safety is ensured

  13. @bone009 It does Its Called and RFID CHIP . its on all new american passports, they us it on animals and people who wish to have them as medical identification all they have to do is scan the chip on your arm and there you go look it up rfid chip . mythbuster tried to do a skit on it but the fucking fbi shut them down its some serious government shit i tell ya

  14. @chiru2die4 Other than the visceral, emotional feeling of seeing green money, what practical reason is there for it? If someone steals your bank card, you can call the bank and have them shut it down so that the thief can’t have any of your money. If he steals your cash though, you can’t de-activate cash, you may as well have called up his dealer yourself and bought him some crack.

  15. @bone009 250 different types of combination? Check your math.

    This guy pressed 5 buttons for his password and there are 5 possible letters to choose. So, a permutation with repetition would mean that there were 5^5 possible combinations or 3,125 possible codes. Make your code 6 letters long and that jumps to over 15,000 possibilities.

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