Dynamics Card 2.0 : The Future Of Credit Cards

More At hardlynews.org Worlds first programmable credit card Dynamics Credit Card 2.0 is the next logical step in personal banking. Half credit card, half futuristic gadget, the cards are as versatile as they are secure. You can tie multiple accounts to the same card or completely hide certain digits of your card number at the push of a button — buttons which are embedded in the card and are as thin as the card itself.

25 thoughts on “Dynamics Card 2.0 : The Future Of Credit Cards

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  2. i’ll stick to good old cash thank you… can you make a bill that turns from $1 to $100? no? then this is worthless…

  3. Idiots,

    In Europe everyone is to be using chips. In Finland and Sweden all stores allready take chips, these are more secure and not as easily skimmed.

    Dudes, your’re to late with that technology.

  4. Sweet. Now I can forget all of my ATM cards in the ATM AT ONCE! lmao I actually left mine in an ATM yesterday… Again… Dammit. lol

  5. @MrNelekomnenovic soon the cards will move around do anything i think of it can happen now too and know ur name show commantials and show how much money u have

  6. Nice,these are great ideas work the corporate/industrial workplace.Security feature is great,just in case the card falls into the wrong hands..Multiple accounts,being most have different expense accounts for different divisions of their company.Makes it easier to managing budgeted jobs.I would have a value for going to seminars,personal expenses separated from my business expenses.

  7. This is so stupid. I could do all that and more with my iPhone. ¡I could buy a car, house, anything with my smartphone. I have all my account in my phone so I don’t need no plastic on me. Technology gets riskier every time.

  8. @vitruvian8807 I think you may have misunderstood it’s usage.

    You would need a card writer to activate an account on it. Your bank does that before you receive the card. It’s a credit card with a computer that switches between two accounts that are pre-programmed. You can’t use it as a security key. It’s a flashing toy.

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