25 thoughts on “I Bet U Can’t Tell What is This Prototype Futuristic Gadget Do b4 seen at least 4 Pix :P :P

  1. meh…they have the infrared keyboard, they have projectors, and they have bluetooth, but what you aren’t showing us is that there’s a computer under the table.

  2. Those little legs look as though they would double a ear wax removers – so doubly useful………………….

  3. This does not exist. It’s a therory, like hard light or nanobots. We have technology that resembles it, e.g the infared keyboard and an average projector, but yet have to develop the actual “Pen PC” . MetaMW, when laptops first came out they took ages to load the Internet, eventually you will know no difference. And theluve2sexy, anything that small and expensive is worth paying an extra Β£100 for a gps system.

  4. To everyone who watches this video:
    Please, Compare this pen, To your PC Or laptop, And Compare your PC/Laptop to the price of this pen-like gadget.

  5. laptop > this
    work at park. um… monitor issues?
    work at coffee shop- monitor issues.

  6. In the future… THERE WILL BE PENS! Can you fucking believe it?! But wait, there’s more…

    This seems like some ΓΌber trend that really won’t interest me until holograms are made possible, because who wants to read everything of stucco… although posting boobs on your schoolteachers fat ass might be kind of funny.

  7. when is the future pens is comeing to the future and how much it is going to be for the future pens.And i like future gadgets very awesome and i like hologerm it is so awesome for the future because it is different for the future.And so cool to work for the future of different gadgets of the future

  8. first slide its a computer the five “pens” all function as a different part one as the monitor one as the keyboard

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