Gadget Show Britcar 24 hour race challenge spoiler (live at event)

this is the result from the upcoming gadget show challenge where they race over 24 hours on a simulator up against the Britcar 24hr grid – the results are that the gadget show team beat the actual result by 5 laps – completing 578 laps where the actual race distance was 573- if only they could do it in real life! Also this is the first take – the next take of it was less interesting!


10 thoughts on “Gadget Show Britcar 24 hour race challenge spoiler (live at event)

  1. @johncgriffith – lol – well as long as it makes good TV – do you know when it’s going to be aired?

  2. @oliverracing1 The whole thing was a bit of a farce to be honest. The director said they’d take the laps off as long as it meant they still won. The rFactor sim they were running had them lapping in 2 minutes and 2 seconds give or take, in an Aston Martin N24. Bear in mind the fastest lap the Aquilla set (with pro racing drivers at the wheel) was 2:04!

    And before you ask I was in that garage all weekend 🙂

  3. @johncgriffith they did actually – they took laps off – eg for every three they did during safety car – they took one off – or that’s what the guy with it said!

  4. @XscXps3 yeah – it’s even more amusing concidering they then went and did it again, pretending to look at the results

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