The Gadget Show: Web TV Episode 53 Wattson Energy Monitor & Veho Wireless Speakers

Jon checks out his energy consumption with the Wattson, Ortis plays with Veho’s wireless speakers, and Dionne brings us the latest gadget news. For more videos, news and reviews go to

25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Web TV Episode 53 Wattson Energy Monitor & Veho Wireless Speakers

  1. Verry possible, all electronic companies have factories in Korea, but the braines are not korean, most companies in corea are ownd by america and japan, they just do the dirty work.

  2. did any one see the episode where they were in Korea. Their translator had 1000 yes 1000 mbs. BT got nothing on them!.

  3. Yeah im on option 3 for BT which is unlimited internet browsing or whatever and 8MB per second. I get 1mb/s

  4. Wow! Otis actually got to review something interesting! Let him have more cool stuff, I have enough to waste my time with as it is…

  5. The problem is that BT throttle people during peak hours. Despite them saying that they don’t cap people in peak hours in the latest advertisements, I can barely get 50kb/s at about 6pm – 12pm. Anything after that is 500kb/s – 700kb/s.

  6. At this time of night you are bound to since its so busy, if you have ever been on in te morning when the USA are asleep, you should see how fast youtube is then.

  7. I pay £28/month for 20mbit from BT and I can’t even watch this video without it stopping to buffer every 5 seconds. :/

  8. Ah London, well yeah, down there you would have good stuff ofcourse. I myself live up in Aberdeenshire. Pay for 8mb/s for £20 and speedtest i get 6.5mb/s… *sadface*. I hope next year they go into other areas other than big cities with better broadband.

  9. I tell you i don’t know whats wrong with me, but i think she looks gorgeous! Every week i see her and she just looks hornier and hornier!!! Don’t bother to slag me off, i know i need to see a doctor! Don’t get me started about Suzie

  10. near heathrow airport in london, i pay £20 a month for 20mbs when i do a speed test i get 28mbs

  11. Really? Where about do you live and are you in the ‘area’ to get the cheaper price? And what download speed do you get on speedtest?

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