sysBleed Linux – upcoming new Gentoo Based, E17 Operating System HD 720p

Preview of sysBleedLinux – a new “Gentoo based” operating system/distro (bleeding edge system, that also uses E17 trunk(head-bleeding edge) that I am developing. So in a nutshell the system will always be on the edge with the latest software that are still under development – both the core system and the windowing manager , E17 in this case. So you should expect that it will meet both Linux pros and newcomers need. Reason being the frontend is very intuitive and very easy to use, and yet powerful because this is Gentoo, and it is bleeding. With sysBleed only one simple command and your entire system will be using the current Gentoo and e17 current svn head trunk. While it looks pretty, don’t let that fool you. This is the real deal! This OS will use, as you see, connman as the default connection manager: connman is fast and easy, and has an already built-in front-end in e17. No need for Wicd or NetworkManager anymore. Icons set is Simple by Zorin OS 5 GPL. Thanks Zorin team There is more to E17 than I show in this video.

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