The Gadget Show Web TV – Episode 16: Spyware Removal and Epson PX800FW

In this episode of The Gadget Show Web TV John gets a first look at the latest Epson photo printer and Dionne shows you how to get rid of spyware from your PC. For more videos, news and reviews from The Gadget Show, log onto

25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show Web TV – Episode 16: Spyware Removal and Epson PX800FW

  1. A free program called spyware search and destroy will pretty much do it. and to help prevent it get mozilla firefox. It’s a much better browser than Internet explorer

  2. How do you fix your computer if it is already infected with spyware?
    Like on the infected computer i try downloading something or going on to cnet but it says that webpage might be harmful to your computer and so i can’t download it.
    I also have 2 computers one is infected the other is fine. The one that is fine is Windows Vista.
    P.S. the computer that is infected with spyware is windows XP

  3. 1-Copy and Paste this message to 8 other videos
    2-Go to your channel and look at you background.

  4. er yes I have, I’m not an idiot, there is only a slight difference, maybe if you had 256 of ram you might notice it but otherwise you won’t.

  5. I don’t have vista, it doesn’t slow my pc down and it is the best security system around, no matter what them Kaspersky or McAfee fans say.

  6. Norton is a real pain, it slows the PC down greatly and in Vista you need to install it before anything else.

  7. And soon to become free, and included in windows, but a lot less features, have you tried the Windows live suite?

  8. But you can tell she is just reading a script, and doesn’t really know whats happening, Jon on the other hand is fantastic, he has a real passion!

  9. Or just learn about stuff like me and you won’t really need an anti virus package.
    and then no anti virus to slow down your computer.
    all I would get is a free firewall software…

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