THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Coming Soon: Prankster Planet

Get a preview of Prankster Planet! Jessica and Marcus discover the pranksters are using Manny’s latest gadget — the Wordsuckeruppernator — to suck up all the words on earth, giving them total word domination. Now, they need your help to turn the gadget off and stop the Pranksters! Go to starting May 2nd to play! Find out when Electric Company is on in your town:

8 thoughts on “THE ELECTRIC COMPANY: Coming Soon: Prankster Planet

  1. @cyberboy5red Maybe they got hurt. Or they decided that Jess and Marcus could handle it themselves.

  2. @brainstorm623 I know, right? And obviously, they should only stay home if they were sick or on vacation. I mean in “Madame President”, Jessica had the flu, which would mean being sick, so thats a good reason for Jessica to be absent. And ordering pizza is NOT a good reason for Hector and Keith to not help them. I mean Lisa is off the hook cuz she’s at Space Camp, which would mean being on vacation. And Shock maybe could accompany them too, right?

  3. @cyberboy5red That’s a good question. Where in the heck is Hector and Keith? Having pizza?

  4. What I don’t get is why Hector and Keith don’t help them, because Jessica and Marcus need all the help they can get.

  5. You know I will be watching, of course. But can you tell me if “Jessica” will be singing in this? She is my favorite in the new show!

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