Powerglove – “Inspector Gadget” Vocal Improv

I OWN NOTHING. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. ALL RIGHTS GO TO POWERGLOVE. Saturday Morning Apocalypse is coming out soon, I urge you to pick it up because it is fucking tits. I decided to improvise some death metal vocals over this instrumental song. A lot of it isn’t actual words. I think power metal vocals would probably suit this rather power-metal song, but I can’t do those haha so I’m just doing what I can.

25 thoughts on “Powerglove – “Inspector Gadget” Vocal Improv

  1. Nice!! Very! It’s the greatest version of inspector gadget theme!!! Seriously, I’ts VERY nice!!

  2. I would have enjoyed it more if you did higher screaming rather than the low growls, IDK, it just seems like the higher pitch would suite the music better

  3. @darklorddrummer Glad you liked. I have a sort of tutorial up. It’s called Metal Vocal Tips, check it out and tell me if it helped.

  4. dude ur fucking sick as hell i wish i could scream like you some tutorials would be pretty useful for me

  5. @DrumUnitedTD Thanks man! The reason I did this song was cuz I was trying to do my homework while listening to it and I couldn’t stop jumping around lol.

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