Playstation Phone Coming To US – Subscribe! – Follow Us! – Like Us! The long awaited Playstation Phone is finally on its wait to the United States. I’ve got details on Sony’s gadget coming up right now. Welcome back to Clevver Games, I’m Andrea Rene with news from Sony. No, it doesn’t have to do with the Playstation Network, it is about their Playstation Phone, or more officially the Xperia Play. It will be available starting next week on May 26th here in the US Preorders will begin via Verizon this Thursday and expect the phone to set you back about 0 dollars. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well don’t forget you must get a 2 year voice and data plan, not to mention you’ll probably want to buy games. The mobile gaming device will be similar in setup to the PSP and will come pre-loaded with 7 games including Madden NFL 11, The Sims 3, and Crash Bandicoot. At launch 50 different games will be available for purchase. In addition to the pre-loaded and available games you’ll have access to the Android Market and all its fun apps and games plus it supports Adobe Flash Player, has a 4 inch multi-touch dispay, and sports front and rear facing cameras. Sounds pretty cool if you’re a gamer and in the market for a new phone. Only downside I see is it limited to Verizon customers only, bummer. What do you think guys? Is the Xperia Play worth checking out? I wonder what the battery life is like…let me know your thoughts in a comment below. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure


16 thoughts on “Playstation Phone Coming To US

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  2. It could be worth it, but I highly doubt that it will stay Verizon exclusive for long. At least for my sakes, bring it over to AT&T!

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