25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: LG @CES

  1. First off the inch isn’t a US unit, it’s a British one. And secondly this article is aimed at UK users and most people in the UK still measure their TV screen size in inches.

  2. i still can not wait until xbox’s project natal comes out that is going to be a beast !!!

  3. I would also take OLED over Sky’s 3D TVs.

    When you can get a 42in for around £800 then I may dump my Toshiba 42x3030D but this wont be in 2010.

  4. I live in a metric country, Holland, and it is utterly beyond me why the electronics/computer industry has been pushing the medieval unit ‘inch’ all over the world for many years and is still at it. Does this industry want global conversion to US units? Last year I bought a flat monitor that had supposedly a 24 foot screen (24′ instead of 24″)! In metric countries the inch and all other US units should be expelled. I would be able to buy a 60 cm screen. The inch is not an innovation!

  5. I think a remote of the Wii style is a bad idea. It’s far to inconvenient to have to point the remote at the tv accurately! A wireless non-directional controller is the way forward- maybe with analogue sticks as well as buttons. The slim tvs are cool though!

  6. @leepetersonuk i don’t give a rats ass about thinness…OLED TVs are just better quality TVs all round…if they were the size of my grandmas ass I’d still get one, once they get to 32″ of course.

  7. man they just got a tv led and stick a wii processor and after a wii mote and modificated the whole thing and now they tell this is a better TV . FUCK IT

  8. those OLED’s are so thin but then I cant see me ever saying our LCD is so thick we have to change it. Be a few years before they start coming down for the likes of us to get.

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