Plantronics New Gaming Headsets :: Gadget Show Live 2011 We caught up with Plantronics on their NEW Xbox 360 headsets! We took away 6 headsets from the Gadget Show Live from these guys – so you can expect LOADS of Plantronics headset reviews coming soon!

24 thoughts on “Plantronics New Gaming Headsets :: Gadget Show Live 2011

  1. @GamingReviewsLive of course i know what it is like i said a shit show full of retards, and i don’t care that you are partners or that you get paid.

  2. @jaheermk You have no idea what it is. And you’ve probably earnt me £2 yourself by visiting my videos tonight. I’m a partner mate, I get paid by YouTube 😉

  3. But i have seen it on a thing called internet and why would I go and watch it live when i just said its shit?. £2 a week if i got that then at lest i would of got more then you.

  4. @jaheermk Yeah so you have no idea mate. When you save enough of your £2 a week pocket money from your mum, go to the show and tell me its still crap yeah mate…

  5. @dacasman I bought a Plantronics 367 just last month (largely based on Gaming Reviews Live’s recommendation), and, although it’s not quite the miraculous improvement compared to the CyberAcoustics mono headset I’d been using before, I’m pretty OK with it (especially for the price of US$25.00). Having 2 well-padded earpieces doesn’t mute extraneous sounds, but it does muffle them sufficiently so I can record — and they make for superb listening. Mic still picks up outside sounds, though.

  6. @MattCrinos Ah, well they are pretty big in the US, where I live. I actually own one of their headsets, but I don’t use it anymore.

  7. @MrPiahh I got them too. They suck a55. Uncomfortable, heavy and left earcup broke after half year of using.

  8. I love Plantronics, they’re awesome headsets, got one about 2 years ago and it’s still going strong.

    Nice video GRL.

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