Upcoming Reviews: SteelSeries 5XB Headset, Xbox 360 Kinect, and Astro Gaming Mission Bag

reflectzyn.com Team AmazYn Website My upcoming product reviews include the SteelSeries 5XB headset, the Microsoft Kinect, and the Astro Gaming Mission Bag. Check out more of my upcoming reviews reflectzyn.com For up to the minute updates follow me on Twitter: twitter.com


25 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews: SteelSeries 5XB Headset, Xbox 360 Kinect, and Astro Gaming Mission Bag

  1. @GamebattlesDisputezz The new mixamp is wireless…I would say it may be worth waiting for, but I’ll know after I review the unit.

  2. hey whats the new mixamp all do? is it worth getting cause i just got my astro a40 audio system 2 weeks ago and it makes me mad that that it came out with out any notice……..any jw how do you get products to review?

  3. Hey arctyc, could you tell me a good gaming monitor?
    right now i have a 22 inch 720p samsung hdtv but i heard monitors were better

    do you recommend any?

    i play the call of duty series so response time is pretty crucial


  4. @youtubedude it was actually a review that Skyllus did on my channel, but yeah there will be plenty of lighting. thanks for the feedback

  5. make sure you have tons of lighting in the room when you do it. I think one of your reviews was kinda hard to see.

  6. I know this is random but any ideas on when the Razer Onza is supposed to come out? I heard Q3 this summer but havent heard anything sense.

  7. @arCtiCvBi thanks and talk about the live mix thing so i can tell if i want to buy it and wat wood u say buy or not to buy!

  8. @krspykreme2 Right now I’m hooked up to a Netgear router. In the past I’ve used several different model Linksys routers.

  9. Hey arctic, what router is your 360 hooked up to? Looking to get a new router, but I don’t know what kind to get. Care to help me out please? Thanks

  10. A i have an A40 But that headset that steel series looks like some heavy duty shit lol.Are they any good?

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