Gadget Trish does a Jackson Family Update Part 3.

Get the latest and greatest information on the Jackson Family. Rebbie Jackson Tour Information: Yashi Brown Book Information: La Toya Jackson Celebrity Apprentice March 6, 2010: Janet Jackson True You (Amazon): Janet Jackson “For Colored Girls” : Genevieve Jackson & O-Bee: Tito Jackson Website: Michael Jackson Fans of New York City Facebook: Michael Jackson Fans of New York Website: Michael Jackson Bracelets: Link coming soon.


17 thoughts on “Gadget Trish does a Jackson Family Update Part 3.

  1. @NewWorldRob Thank you very much for the feedback and showing love. (I really appreciate it.)

  2. @GadgetTrish I’ll be watching. thank you very much, hon’. Keep up the exciting work. Success 2U

  3. @87wardog Congrats on the Billie Jean. Stock is getting low so your timing is great. As for the Beat It figure, I believe that my mom is trying to help me get this one, these really are very expensive, it amazing me that some people have over 30 of these figures like they are $20 dolls.

  4. Gadget Trish are u getting the beat it hot toys? I am ordering the billie jean playmates Thursday i can’t get hot toys right now too expensive

  5. @NewWorldRob Thank you very much. If you love La Toya, she will make an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on March 3rd and she’ll also be interviewed on The Today Show and Live with Regis and Kelly on March 4th.

  6. Cool young lady. Her smile is alot similar to the jacksons too….

    besides Michael, It’s la toya for me. Love her!!!!

  7. I have Janet’s new book, it’s great i recommend! I also have tickets to her concert next month i’m so excited!

    Also La Toya is scheduled to appear on both “The Today Show” and “Regis and Kelly” on March 4th!

  8. you make my day with this new jackson family update video ! im so happy!!! thank u trish!! God bless u!

  9. Another great post! Got Janet’s book and loved it! Ive also got tix for her show here in Houston. Can’t wait! The Jackson’s Rule! 🙂

  10. wanted to ask you…this may be a sensitive/controversial but… Joe Jackson has said Omar is MJ’s son aswell …whats your opinion? :S

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