1990 First Choice – Coming Up

What’s on next? ‘The Year My Voice Broke’! Recorded March 17, 1990.

5 thoughts on “1990 First Choice – Coming Up

  1. @Mattksee3: So far, my only other First Choice clips from 1990 are a Rated PG Viewer Advisory and a Time Shift Theatre spot.

  2. @Retrontario: Totally agree with you. Along the same lines, The Family Channel debuted in September 1988, and yet, it still seems like a “new” Canadian Pay TV station to me — particularly if I’m looking at my old PrimeTime Magazines.

  3. Awesome. Strangely, I still think of this as the “new” First Choice graphics…. but I was never happy when they changed from the classic 80s First Choice*Superchannel branding.

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