The Gadget Show Live 2011 Retro Gaming Setup

This weekend i helped out at the Gadget Show Live in the Retro Zone setting up the stand For the REPLAY retro gaming event coming this November in Blackpool – here’s a preview of the inside of the show before it opened to the public – i’ll be working on the stand this weekend so if your going to the gadget show live come say hello!

18 thoughts on “The Gadget Show Live 2011 Retro Gaming Setup

  1. @ukretrogameaddict Really good to meet and chat to you today dude. We had a great time at the show ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. @ukretrogameaddict I can suck her tits and talk about us both having Alopecia, if she’s there, then suck her tits some more, failing that I’ll settle for Iain Lee up the arse, if I must.

  3. @adfot1 thats man glad you enjoyed it – i’ll put some footage up of the event next week but it should be epic!

  4. @28steryan hope fully so on Ian Lee no word as yet i’ll keep you posted dude maybe the Gail Porter will be back this year?

  5. @SteveBenway it’s a shame i missed that Atari Vs Wii shootout it sounds funny – yeah by the sounds of it REPLAYS going to bigger and better than last yeah, should be awesome!!!! i’ll hopefully put up a gadget show video next week

  6. @DDGreyfox no worries man glad you enjoyed it , it’s always good to see how these things look before there going full steam

  7. @xTHExSTIGx it was the organisers of REPLAY brought 150 matching panasonic tv’s they did look pretty cool when they were up, i got questioned by a few people on loading in though, what the hell are you doing with CRT tvs at a high tech show! hopefully have a video up next week dude

  8. @N64zooti ‘ve done a couple of car shows there before and yes the breakdown always sucks ass! glad you liked it dude!

  9. wicked mate, wish there was a similar event out here in OZ, always jealous of the mighty REPLAY , great set up and great vid

  10. I had the great pleasure of meeting most of the Gadget Show cast at the North One studio a couple of years ago when they borrowed my Atari 2600 for the Atari Vs Wii shootout. Amusingly Jason Bradbury said I looked like Gordon Freeman, which made me chuckle.
    Really looking forward to REPLAY this year, as last year it totally rocked.
    Thanks for showing us the preparations. Great video ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. i did an expo toy fair in hall 5 there in 2009,the brakedown on the last day is manic,great vid m8

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