The Gadget Show: EA Games

We’ve got an exclusive report from EA Games, showcasing all of their upcoming releases for 2009/10. For more videos, news and reviews to go


25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: EA Games

  1. OMG!!! hahaha… its hilarious, he actually pauses for a microsecond to think and then says carolies LMAO!!!

  2. 1. copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds
    4. press refresh twice

  3. i watch all of the programs and i watched the big experiment on five it was good but did they get super sonic

  4. channel 5 needs a catch up thing like iplayer or the copy from itv “itv player” beacause im allways away and miss it 😦

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