10 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Behind the Scenes- Preview of next episode

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    End ChristenDOOM! Leave your churches, no church=no division. Just be perfectly holy: restrain yourself from expressing evil; guard yourself against all filthy influence outside. Be love: help for free, give for free!


  2. The gadget show website has gadget reviews with Jon Bentley that have not been on the show and they’re free

  3. I think the reason they don’t want clips on youtube or anywhere else for free is because on the Five website they have the full episodes for download but they charge for them.

    I think they’d be better off putting them up for free and making money with advertisers on the five site.

  4. When i first saw the gadget show channel on youtube, I was so excited and thought i would be seeing the odd gadget review. Instead, every clip has been a load of carp. These clips are pointless, nice as the guy is who presents them. why are they being such misers and refusing to give us a couple of clips from the show. The public has spoken: Gadget show, stop being so tight!

  5. oooo sorry man see wen he said they were trying to get their face on a big tv ithough he was talking about the web challenge this week!

  6. I thought they were attempting to get web famous this week? It was a bit like Top Gear last week, You’ve really got extravagant with the filming. Great humour. Great viewing.

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