25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on programme 12

  1. You mean it cant handle the frame rate? or does it buffer ever 3 seconds, if it does, and you live in the UK, most of us have to deal with that at busy times.

  2. I do like the whole “challenge” thing… it’s very Top Gear. But without the budget.

    The talk of Jason and Ortis facing an extreme challenge puts me in mind of Saw. Maybe they’ll have to cut their feet off.

  3. Thank you. I didn’t even mention color or any race. You’re right and I agree red, blue or green Ortis is annoying.

  4. dunno why everyone is moaning about quality, its looked excellent in HD even with a 2mb internet it still loads with no lagg

  5. You have got SERIOUS problems. How did you come to that conclusion? hmm lemme see, 3 caucasian presenters and one of black origin. I haven’t said anything bad about the caucasians so by the process of elimination that leaves the black guy. Was that your logic, come on was it? I seriously doubt there’s something calculating logic/differences in your canister GTFO!

  6. this show is so shittt now. the last few episodes have been crap

    theres only a few decent episodes.

  7. suzi u know VALENTINO ROSSI’S the best come on charlie cox and steve parish give stoner and lorenzo to much credit they havent done half what rossi’s done!

  8. He’s been annoying me since his BBC days and now I find him on one of my favourite TV shows. That and he thinks he’s funny but I just cringe, but hey that’s me. I’m not hating him so it’s cool to those who like him or not.

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