Crackclan v Verygames – The Gadget Show / Alienware AREA-51 PRO Challenge Lan

Here’s the final moments from the Verygames v Crackclan final of The Gadget Show / Alienware AREA-51 PRO Challenge Lan. It was three days of hectic gaming from Verygames, Crackclan, Team Coolermaster and Dignitas. Does the absence of RattlesnK mean that Dignitas are a team found wanting? Henry ‘HenryG’ Greer stood in for RattlesnK (who was away at a family event) but the World champs got a serious pasting. Crackclan climbed out of their misery from i36 series to show the world just exactly how good their team is – beating all the teams in the group stages and taking Verygames to a very exciting finale. It could have gone either way and had Crackclan taken some of the pistol rounds we could have been looking at different winners. Having said that, Verygames are a solid squad and no one can dispute their current European dominance. Well done to TCM for coming third. A final BIG UP to Crackclan’s Haz who took a stunning 5 man Ace to win himself a Saphirre HD4870 gfx card. LAN79 is now finely poised to be a great event – with Verygames now looking at Crackclan as the only serious competition… Demos of the matches are floating around for those who missed it. Zomba, Attica Gaming

25 thoughts on “Crackclan v Verygames – The Gadget Show / Alienware AREA-51 PRO Challenge Lan

  1. @flinagin Ahh thank you! The other guys didn’t had any problems with those gigabyte mouse’s becaue they are pretty much all day on that “lan party” which is always going on 24/7 lol, but usually play from home with different set up etc.

  2. @i5Alex That’s terrible. It’s expected that you’re allowed to use and bring your own mouse and pad, keyboard and headset, no one wants to use some retarded mouse that they can’t grip properly.

  3. @flinagin That’s great cause i had an argument on a lan … they wanted me to play with some crappy gigabyte mouse lol (i couldnt even hold it)

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