25 thoughts on “Coming up on show 6

  1. I watched this Ep on TV and i was hooked to my seat. Self parking cars and Jon showing off the Mp3 players well it all a person wants.. Nice show

  2. i like Dionne because of her massive tits lol i just look at her tits while she talks, dont ask me what gadgets she may of had cause i aint got a clue


  3. there is a super video with Suzi interviewing Loris and Vale … looooong time ago. Loris’s comment to her is super 😉

  4. Absolutely love this show, keep up the good work guys! also hi to everyone from the show from me!

  5. if you pause the start of the vid in random places the woman has the weirdest face expressions lol.

  6. Can we have a whole episode of Suzi sitting on the sofa, i mean, JUST sitting there, doing nothing?

    My dreams will be realized if this happens!

  7. When’s the episode about the iPhone apps? Just downloaded Suzi’s BikerBlastOff, pretty cool.

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