Coming up on show 4

Suzi & Jason have a go at designing their very own gadgets. Jon puts Blackberry’s to the test and Jason jets off to CeBIT in Germany

25 thoughts on “Coming up on show 4

  1. check out the guys over at Curventa for a more in depth look at suzis camera from last week! (they actually designed it!!)

  2. mothity – In ways they do, and I think that those responsible may soon realise that it will soon be time for their roots to be torn asunder. Do you enjoy the video?

  3. mothity – Granted, but do you not find them rather reprehensible in their exploitation of the common man?

  4. No, I didn’t at all. And for your information, I am an avid viewer of the Gadget Show and think it’s one of the best shows on tv at the moment because it’s about one of my interests. And the experiment where they went to see what they could get used vs. new was a genius idea, it goes to show that shopping around can help you save a lot of money if your budget is tight.

  5. where can i find the video where they made their own gadgets ( on youtube ). i was so looking forward to watching it on tv and i totaly forgot….

  6. im soooo pissed of ive missed 2 episodes now and im bumming ova it so if any wanna reply to this telling me wat has happend then feel free please do!

  7. that was a snazzy camera
    with a flip out screen and a projector
    jason got BEATEN. his little usb’s weren’t enuff

  8. mothity – Yes I was wondering why you had decided to morally destroy them with your criticisms?

  9. Yep, I think this is a music device with intresting features. I can’t wait to come from school & watch the show at 8.
    Have you realised that your comments never get replied…?


  10. im not sure what suzis gadget is but I think it can hang round your neck because it has a hook type thing to put something like string though to hang it on your neck.

  11. from looking at it full screen, it mite possible have 4 little rubber feet on 1 end, so it mite have to stand up, so another idea could be some securtiy camera in something that looks like a ornament, and she holds it up right, but yeah could be a screen or a button, could be some sort of alarm

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