HTC Sensation exclusive hands-on look at Gadget Show Live 2011

One of the highlights of Gadget Show Live 2011 for us was seeing HTC’s new flagship smartphone the very day it launched. The handset, previously code-named the HTC Pyramid, has been designed to give Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 a run for its money. The Sensation packs a super-fast dual-core processor, crystal clear touchscreen and all-new interface – as well as having Google’s new Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ OS under the hood. Take a look at how its specs stack up! Website: YouTube:, Twitter: @techbufftv

23 thoughts on “HTC Sensation exclusive hands-on look at Gadget Show Live 2011

  1. iwifihack . net is the best app for my iphone! (also works on ipod touch and ipad)!!! it hacks wifi passwords

  2. the back cover is a one piece part that means you can add a bigger aftermarket battery if you want without messin up the phones looks by much

  3. If this is a improvement on the htc desire hd battery then I will buy over iPhone 5 and samsung galaxy s2

  4. I’m sorry, I know 3D is a great idea and all that, but there should be a line, and this is it! I don’t want my phone to be all 3D and give me headaches I don’t want, I just want a phone with a nice looking but not over the top fancy UI

  5. @chetissweet It really bugs me too, since all the other metals on the periodic table are pronounced that way. But as an American, if I say it “aluminium” people look at me strangely. =(

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