The Gadget Show: Web TV 114 – Zoom Q3 HD & The Green Hornet

This week Jon reviews the Zoom Q3 HD digital camcorder, Dionne brings you the latest gadget news, and we talk to the stars of the up and coming new movie, The Green Hornet. For more videos, news and reviews go to

25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Web TV 114 – Zoom Q3 HD & The Green Hornet

  1. THANKS the gadetshow – May be you will be the ONE
    Zoom Q3HD music video from themagicbuzz

    “Lost” ORIGINAL SONG BY DAVIDANTHONY- AWESOME ! One man masterpiece song : Singer, composer , lyricist with 30 + original songs !
    Looking for a record deal – MAGNIFICENT VOICE ! This day and age John Lennon and Yoko Ono ! Not exagerating, judge for yourself……
    I know this couple, we go to the same church. Thanks !

  2. From 5:50 you can skip, cus its just a interweiw with The Green Hornet Actors… Booring

  3. Now that you have to see an Ad before the show, come on Gadget Show it’s about time you had you videos in 720p & 1080p. Also most of this was just a trailer for the The Green Hornet.

  4. Less VEEEERY SILLY indeed – my only excuse was it was late at night and I was on the phone at the same time. The spirit is the spirit is the same though – why low def from a professional broadcaster?

  5. @technoboi0 Talking about the BBC?… No The Gadget Show is hosted on Channel 5 not the BBC you silly.

  6. quit bitching about 480p, who really cares that much about the resolution of video? Here’s a thought, don’t watch it.

  7. @nintendolad They connected the movie with the show with the gadgets in the movie. Though they didn’t really go into detail about the gadgets unfortunately. That’s what the movie has to do with gadgets, that and the 3D thing. Not walking away at all.

  8. I agree with other comments here re the limit of 480p. This is all the more strange considering we are talking about the BBC. I do normally watch in 480p when I’m on my computer but if I am watching on my TV then I set it to full def. The review of the camcorder may have benefited from a higher def.
    Am I mistaken but did they get through a whole video without mentioning Apple?

  9. im confused?! where is episode 113? on your page it has 112 and now we have 114? you not like the number 13?

  10. I’m surprised the Zoom Q3 uses regular AA batteries and not a rechargeable battery pack, does it have an AC Adaptor input so you don’t have to use batteries? I take it the unit uses USB to connect to the computer and not FireWire.

  11. gadget show shuld be ashamed of themselves putting out video in 420p max! Id rather they not show any videos! The whole zoom hd test was a complete waste!

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