The Gadget Show: Sony Blu-ray @CES

Check out Sony’s latest Blu-ray players with apps announced at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. For more videos, news and reviews go to

25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Sony Blu-ray @CES

  1. Oi dojo , u don’t need glasses or else they won’t bring 3d tv out , u won’t need glasses because the screen will act like the glasses u were ATM so no more silly glasses

  2. i agree. The tv 3d experience will be fukin shit, cant imagine wearing the stupid glasses just to watch the news…., but when it comes to games, i cant wait! ps3 and a 3d tv and the next modern warfare……cant fukin wait!!!!! ะพr for movies, avatae in 3d was amazing, would not watch it in 2d if i had the choice.

    p.s. FUKIN HELL MODERN WARFARE 3 IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lol I can do any kind of actor research or whatever I want already now with my iPhone while watching a movie. This is nothing new. The whole 3d concept is just a marketing ploy and will never take off. True virtual reality tv in 20 or so years would leave 3d for dead anyway.

  4. 3D is not a waste, its something that will make you play the outdated game again and fully enjoy it

  5. they force all of us to go HDMI 1.3 and Bluray, now they want us to upgrade all our Home theater equipment, receiver, TV player ect, this is just bullshit, they better make it hdmi 1.3 compatable.

  6. Thats a very cool blu-ray player but still I am think its going to cost way to much and when it comes down to a reasonable price tech would of moved on to even cooler stuff.

    I do like the phone app remote idea as if more products used that then there would be no need to have a all one remote any more you could have an app on your phone that use wi-fi to give remote control from your phone.

  7. Could you get that stuff to work on ps3 plz i dont care about 3d its stupd to have to wear glasses to watch tv i dont think i would like it too gimicy waste of money is 3d who afrees

  8. thats not the cheapest blu ray player it cost 2 and a half times more than the cheapest but its the best blu ray player

  9. its all nice but farrrrrr to expensive. i got a ps3 that will du for the next few yrs until all this 3d stuff comes down in price

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