25 thoughts on “paidContent:UK: Penguin’s Upcoming iPad books

  1. Brilliant!! I love the interactive reading. This book engages all three styles of learning, auditory, kinesthetic and visual. Way to go!!!

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  7. This is an appstore app and doesn’t use the iBooks or the .epub format. If you’re interested in this free and open standard, see my video tutorial: vvGrFZdSDww

  8. @Yensid98 this is at least 15 years old. It is just like the late 90’s CD’s (think Encyclopaedia Britannica) that were superseded by the increasing speeds and functionality of the Internet. To make it exclusive to one platform instead of a cross-platform browsers is a step backwards, not forwards.

  9. @SomethingFullofAwful I think you underestimate the prowess of a developing mind to grasp new technology. I’ve seen very young children command the iPhone interface with terrifying fluency.

  10. So it’s an iPhone for children.

    They try to demo it, but they end up showing how mostly useless it is.

  11. Peut-on encore parler de livre ? Les applications proposées ont plus avoir avec le CD ou le site Internet que le livre.
    La démo illustre surtout que l’iPad va amener de nouveaux conportements et usages…

  12. FUCK NO! Illiteracy level is already low enough and now they’re going to eliminate words altogether?!! /rage

  13. I wanna see what Popular Science will look like on the iPad. Hope they’re gonna go interactive soon.

  14. @metalhaze
    it depends on the age of the kids, if they already got a PSP, they would spend more time on their PSP than a iPad, it’s a proper game console, you don’t need to connect it with an external joystick, don’t know if it’s even possible with iPad. I think my problem with iPad is it doesn’t bring anything new, something that we don’t already have. It just gives us a bigger screen, and I think big portable stuff just defeat its own purpose.

  15. @uptilthesky @uptilthesky Bigger screen equals more possibilities. Watching movies on a tiny PSP screen is nothing compared to having a 9.7 inch screen. Unlike a PSP or a DS that requires multiple handheld devices to play multiplayer games and only one person can use it at a time. You buy two PSP’s, and two games and you have already spent more money than an iPad.

  16. @metalhaze

    you’re talking about a household sharing it, when family spend time together, most of the time it’s when they’re at home. how often do you take road trip as a family. you want to give your kids something to kill time in the car, PSP and NDS would do it. You’re talking about checking emails and watching movie, you can check emails on the phone if you’re outside. It’s probably good for watching movie, but there’re already smaller devices for it.

  17. @uptilthesky Notice what you said “households have a TV and a PC”

    All three of those things DO NOT MOVE.

    This an ultraportable device that is lighter and more portable than a laptop that you can take anywhere.

    What are you going to give your kids in a long car ride? You going to plop a full sized TV in the car, hook up a PS3, and put your desktop computer in there too?

    If you only plan on using the iPad in the household, then you are using it for all the wrong reasons…

  18. @metalhaze

    most households have a TV and a PC, iPad doesn’t offer many extra functions except e-reader. It’s a “nice-to-have” gadget, but I just don’t see there’s a huge market out there as we already have many multi-function portable devices. As for games, there’re PSP, NDS, and they’re much smaller and “portable”, iPad is too big as a portable game console.

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