25 thoughts on “Coming up in the next Gadget Show

  1. Enough puppy Perry, pull out a pussy.

    Uh… you know how you say something… and then instantly regret it?

  2. OMG! – Everyone; go to my channel & watch “Sony – Foam City”. Please coments & rate; trust me you’ll be blown out of your seat at what Sony’s ads can be like…..!!!!!!!!:-)

  3. if suzi doing the batteries test on some other toys i might watch it all day long! sorry if you think i got a dirty mind i mean remote control cars…… yeah right???

  4. stupid show with minging presenters…there are lots better gadget then they show on tv…..yuck

  5. if the dog is standing up this will result in a flip. but if its lying down it will still release all of the energy in the spring (but this will be changed into other forms of energy like sound)and will take the same amount of energy from the battery to ‘charge’ the spring back up

  6. even though the dogs lying down arent lifting there weight they still use the same amount of energy. the battery will be storing energy into a spring, the same amount of energy every time, then its all released at once.

  7. the point is that the dogs that are lying down are not actually lifting their weight, therefore use less energy to kick their legs, the motion might look the same but the energy used will be different, try kicking your legs while you lie down and then compare that to the energy needed by your legs to jump in the air,
    basic law of physics at work here,

  8. your acutlay rong the ones who are standing up are no diffrent to the ones who are lying they dont know that there lying so they will do the same emotion so becouse there the same it dosnt matter if they have fell over or there stanidn up the have been programd to do how meny flips and how meny walks so they try to do the same action and the take up the same engergy even if it dosnt work!(exuse my english can’t be botherd to out punciation)

  9. well thats stupid, even though all of the “live” dogs are going through the ‘flipping’ motion, the dogs that are on their side will not use as much energy as the upright dogs that are actually doing the flip, as they are lifting their own weight each time.
    she should be standing them up each time if they fall over,
    yet another useless gadget show test!

  10. yeah why would any of that need to be cropped, and i dont think it a real advert just a quick intro nxt weeks show

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