The Gadget Show: Coming up Show 15

Join Suzi for a quick look at what’s coming up on episode fifteen of The Gadget Show – Monday 10th May at 8pm on Five! For more videos, news and reviews go to


25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up Show 15

  1. Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in “win” then press enter

  2. @simonloOoO She is trying her hardest without telling n being so obvious to tell the cameraman , to zoom in to her tits LOL i think if she was control of the camera, she would sit on it and do the show from there LOL

  3. @TheTypeRTheory Ayye man, I have too agree I’m afraid, I liked it when they showed tech that wasn’t just consumer stuff as well, like that robot jellyfish, more stuff like that please.

  4. i want to see more E-Tech =( but then again this episode should also be funny as yesterdays was hilarious, ortis and his pogo stick ..hahaha

  5. Gadget show has become very samey, too much half-assed tech, way too many shows per series – who cares about inline skates and folding bikes? I’m not trolling or hating, I just think it needs a revamp.

  6. great show.. 🙂 id like to know is ch5 going HD anytime soon ? was thinking of getting a freesatHD box 🙂

  7. you see how people commented on her sexy legs now they only show the top half of her

    what have we done people!

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