23 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up on show 9

  1. I whole heartedly agree my friend. %th gear sux b4lls (the bad kind of b4lls, you know what i mean)

  2. i agree completely,
    5th gear you just be cancelled and replaced with the gadget show, i might rase their popularoty.

  3. Fuck off, Narrow minded fools like you piss me off.
    Has it ever occurred to you that maybe people don’t actually want to play the guitar? They’re not bothered about having this “great skill”, they just want to have a laugh.
    Noone was trying to do anything worthwhile whilst playing this video game.

  4. LOL, coz some people can’t be bothered learning ! respect their . . . laziness =]

  5. I agree with you nicknack16. Why spend loads of time simulating playing an instrument when you could pick up the real thing and have a great skill. Noone ever did anything worthwhile when playing a video game.

  6. dont u wish they would scrap 5th gear and just put this on twice??

    cos bbc has top gear and when you watch top gear, 5th gear is just plain shit after lol

  7. They repeat it on Fiver (if you have freeview or sky) but im not sure what day. i think ojn the weekend.

    P.S. you could set an alarm, (thats what i do)[im a geek]

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