25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show: Coming up in programme 7

  1. Reminds me of my girlfriends except g/f’s are longer & better sculpted & go on forever. (Don’t tell the wife.)

  2. it shows when somebody who is trying to win the battle of the words, fails when they sudden pick on little things of the other person. sad really. just shows the level of intelligence of that person.

  3. How ironic you cant actually spell “brains” lmao
    If your fetish is old has beens then crack on matey.

  4. Mathewmartialart, nah mate, but if it does then she’s be showing more ass than will be allowed on TV/YouTube….God thank the Internet!

  5. go away with your foul mouth. suzy is stunning and successful in what she does, a girl thats good looks, braidn and loves motorsports… what else do you need.

  6. Does anyone else think Suzi is a bit shit too? If she is supposed to be G.S tottie then thats a big FAIL. Gives me the dry boak watching an old woman act all flirty.

  7. i will watch it if i have time
    who else here has loads of course work to do 🙂 can u create a gadget that dose the work for you

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