25 thoughts on “The Gadget Show series 9 coming up on show 1

  1. That makes little sense.

    So people are boring for buying the latest gadgets and technologies?

    I don’t see the logic behind that.

  2. its his job to make competition in the show!!!!!!!!!!! if he was replaced with you the show would just be; ohhhh you win again suzi what a surprize!!!! now bend over!!!!!!

  3. Like the show,but can’t stand that faggot with the bald head who is always trying to beat a girl,what a nobhead.

  4. i hate the gadget show
    its sooo boring
    i mean, doesnt anyone have
    anything better to spend three money on than ‘ the latest gadgets’??/

  5. 1] Suzi is so hot
    2] Jason is cool
    3] New presenter, dallas or whatever sucks, i could do a better job!

  6. I’m confused, this was posted 30th may, a Friday, I watched the Gadget show on the monday after, the 2nd, and it twas not this episode…Hopefully this one will get shown on the 9th…

  7. So its on on Monday then? :S

    Like a new series but blended in with the one we have just had…

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