The Green Stuff (sorry for the off centered video) I didn’t realize that the camera was off centered. It bugs me a bit to watch it like this, but I wanted to share this message. I am talking about my green diet and my thoughts on the green stuff (aka money). Penni Shelton’s page:

25 thoughts on “The Green Stuff (sorry for the off centered video)

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  2. It’s fine to be a blabbermouth when you have something worth hearing, and you always do.

  3. I am so glad. I have a little raw group & I wasn’t too sure I should go into other aspects and perspectives on life. Thank you for your support.

  4. I would have thought that it was vitamin related. I truly feel I need more seaweed in my diet. I do use Vitamineral Green. The cleaner my diet becomes and the more nutrient dense the food the more the physical cravings disappear & the emotional cravings appear! Time to do some inner work too!

  5. Thank you. I do have periods where I lose my cool, but I have to admit between lemons ad greens I find them very calming. Lemon juice cleanses the liver and the liver is related to the emotion “anger”.

  6. That’s true. I used to get charlie horses when I was a kid. Now after $2500 of raw cacao, I have more magnesium than I need.

  7. your skin is looking luminous. it must be the greens, and your comfort level of who you are and how you perceive the world. you show no stress!

  8. About Cravings, I’m sure it’s vitamin or mineral related. Vitamin B12, my favorite, that actually can increase your appetite. Some people crave ice which is a sign of Iron depletion. Everything from cravings to soar muscles or drooling, it can be related to a deficiency of a vitamin or mineral.

    I have actually helped out some friends and relatives with nutrition. Ex. some wanted to know why they were getting charlie horses all the time, and that was because of Magnisum deficiency. Peace +5

  9. yes… i know exactly what you mean about the “not wanting to be satisfied”… its almost like we don’t “deserve” the ultra goodness of the greens… well, maybe thats not it…but i know what you are getting at. i’ve noticed that same phenomena

  10. Wonderful video, your best yet. Great insights thank you so much for putting this up. Many people should see this and examine some of these ideas for themselves. Keep up the great work.

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