Peak Oil: The Media

Video. You won’t see Peak Oil clearly in the headlines for a variety of reasons. World oil supply high demand solar how to alternative fuels global warming Peak Oil crisis understanding explaining peakoil petroleum future apocalypse end crash energy inflation gas gasoline prices unemployment fuel finance resource wars middle east war military kunstler heinberg martenson simmons save money powerdown howto Vlog preparing for peak oil solar heating array inverter homestead survival supplies sustainable living permaculture crops tips ideas tools protect family cut Saudi Arabia Libya Iran Yemen nigeria tar sands

22 thoughts on “Peak Oil: The Media

  1. I think we will see big oil producers start to expand storage capacity to hold more unrefined crude in order to lessen the spikes in supply and demand. The frog will boil, it will boil slow.

  2. Adding to all this misery, when someone does build/invent energy independent ways of green power, to circumvent being a part of the energy grid, Corporates first attempt is to buy it – to shelve it. If that doesn’t work, they then send in their Government Goons to threaten them to not produce or sell their better greener ways, or else.

  3. lots of people talk about preparation but few people have motivation and means to truly be prepared

  4. Peak oil tells me to buy all the food you can bc you are going to see severe shortages I got a garden tiller plan to rip some land.I will add some cow poo then I will do some dumpster diving to get some green produce that has flaws but it will grow. I will have a second hand garden.

  5. our papers here(maine) talk about peak oil all the time…it’s only places like cnbc and fox business that don’t talk about it …..

  6. The USA actually peaked in our oil in 1970!!! This is a true statement. When there was a huge gas shortage around that time (forgot what it was called) was when we hit the top of our oil production. This is why we are going to war with other countries for oil.

  7. I think that may be part of the story, what I have found with Peak Oil and many people is an Inability to appreciate the Raminfications of Peak Oil. Permant downsizing of the way of life they have been living all their lives. It just comes off to them as another Fringe conspiracy theory eventhough there are tons of reputable sources on the internet with major qualifications talking about it. The IAEA, Boone Pickens,Matt Simons RIP.
    They dismiss it & move on with their soon to be shitty lives.

  8. @jimbobubbadj im sorry but you dont win any friends when calling people “sheeple..let alone calling Americans sheeple. How bout you go save the world from the terrors of this world. Oh thats right it was the Americans who did that right? Chances are you dont live in a super power of this world….hey who would that be…yup America…. Land of milk and honey baby! I love America the bold…America the free…America the one who STANDS up for the opressed.which country went to aid kuwait?

  9. Another reason the government and the media doesn’t say what the real situation is …. The oil barons and the wealthy elite own all the major networks anyway. They want to slowly drive the price up and suck all of our pockets dry before they even think of switching to any other sources of cleaner energy. They think if the public knew the truth we would all be demanding electric cars and solar and wind farms etc… and they wouldn’t be able to get every last penny out of what oil is left.

  10. Sir the main reason is our money is not backed in Au Ag it is backed in OIL want proof? Oil prices go up so do prices of every thing else gold and silver prices never raised unless oil went up. Not just our currencies are backed by oil but so is all other currencies of the globe. Without oil we have no global economy. They will not grow enough to power the massive ships for containers. So less oil = higher commodity prices = run on supplies running prices even higher.

  11. @DeePhlat In the event that Wall Street can’t figure out Peak Oil on it’s own initiative, the economy is basically sunk anyway.

  12. Watch this video: watch?v=c5GXHFW6ur
    This video is quintessential regarding most Americans(sheeple) and their belief on endless fossil fuel supplies. This guy completely gets the financial picture(the Fed and fractional reserve banking, paper gold and silver fraud, etc) but for some reason he will not engage me about peak oil.

  13. [Steven Chu] was my boss (…) He knows all about peak oil, but he can’t talk about it. If the government announced that peak oil was threatening our economy, Wall Street would crash. He just can’t say anything about it.”
    -David Fridley

  14. Become more self reliant and ride your bicycle people, will power and pedal power you can do it! Looking beyond big media…..

  15. @AcidRaZor Well, if there was a media blitz on Peak Oil, all the people who bought a new car, or a Mc mansion, an RV or a boat would feel bad about their choice. Peak Oil is bad news, because it implies all sorts of negative outcomes and big changes, this is why people do not want to hear about. Like a good friend told me, “if all bad things are to happen, don’t tell me because I don’t want to know”. Those people usually find great comfort in church, because it makes them feel positive.

  16. Today’s primary societal function of the commercial media is to amuse, to distract and to misinform. The media is owned by the ruling corporate class. Billions of Dollars have been invested in scientific research to turn the media into weapons of mass deception. The media has become the worst place one can find real truth and information. Peak oil definitely means the fast cessation of the consumer-age, which is exactly the opposite for what modern media was constructed.

  17. @geraldcaron Unfortunately there’s also a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there that give the whole initiative a bad reputation which leads to the media not wanting to cover it and be responsible for any backlash a scam like that may cause. Reputations also get tainted when real innovators pop up to challenge the oil industry. You have to remember (and keep in mind) that GREED is what drives them. That’s the ENTIRE reason why the economy was/is in such a crisis to begin with.

  18. You make it sound like there is a conspiracy of silence about this issue. Yet, I think that it is not the fault of the media, but mre the public in general. See, people do not want to hear about a real problem for which there is no sulution. For example, in 2009, while the economic crisis was strong going, in Canada the medias were constantly on the subject, then viewers comlaind to the medias about the negative effect of the bad news. “If I do not hear about, it doesn’t exixt’

  19. Absolutely right, there are other, pretty dark reasons why the small cabal that *OWN* the media do not want the masses to be prepraed and energy independent.

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