25 thoughts on “John Pinette “on a diet”

  1. Perhaps one of the very best comedians today. Not a single profanity needed to make us laugh as hard as anyone can.

  2. ‘I can have all the mixed greens I want????? stop I’m getting a chubby’ ‘hahahahahaha

  3. “Juice is not a verb” … It’s all funny but I don’t know why I thought that was hilarious

  4. who are these brainless twits thumbing down??? HOW, HOW IN THE HELL COULD THEY NOT THINK THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS???

  5. John is a true original with material to go with it. Truly one of the funniest guys in the country.

  6. I just watched his 1997 JFL appearance, and now this. He has lost a bunch of weight, looks great, and still a hilarious man =)

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  8. i went to taste it and my brain sent a signal to my mouth …. GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!!!

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