Diet Update Start of Week 3

5000 ratings?

25 thoughts on “Diet Update Start of Week 3

  1. its liked u said a few days bck

    you are as strong as you weekest player…..

    i was in a games 2day on domo and i had 9caps and 8def but my team went all negitive and had no caps or def

  2. Have you considered walking on a treadmill while gaming? It’s not as difficult at it sounds. Just start off at a slow walk and you will adjust to playing while standing. The walking will just happen automagically. You will be surprised how quickly an hour on the treadmill will fly by when you are shooting people in the face.

  3. dude with all of the time you sit around playing video games you can be exercising. maybe not exercising ALL the time in your spare time but instead of picking up the controller try picking up some weights. I’m not trying to be a dick but damn man 400 pounds is a LOT of weight. i understand video games is your job or whatever but try to lay off the console man. for your own good.

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