Diet Coke Mentos Prank

As seen on “Americas Funniest Home Videos”, john gets pranked so awesomely with a rigged diet coke bottle. Become a fan on facebook Check out for videos, pictures, and more!

25 thoughts on “Diet Coke Mentos Prank

  1. “I didnt think it would stick that hard”
    “I didnt think it would work that well”
    “I didnt think it would hurt that much”
    lololol I love u guys The plunger prank is the best though

  2. The picture at the beginning is a subliminal message. See how he has the girl in the headlock and his finger is pointed towards his dick? Yeah, subliminal messaged de-coded.

  3. U 2 are a couple of sweethearts with too much time on your hands and minds. 🙂 (I like it though.) 🙂

  4. OH MY FAVOURITE CAP !!! 😦 … ja bym się bardziej uje*&^&nymi ścianami i sufitem przejął . pozdro 🙂

  5. i would have laughed if she acsidentally dropped the mentos in the coke while getting the prank ready

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