what makes a green Nazi

Because global warming has been discredited, it is now referred to as climate change, climate disruption and the greenhouse effect. Many people may not realize that water vapor (H2O) accounts for 97% of all greenhouse gases and human activity contributes only a fraction of 1% to greenhouse gas emissions. Yet there is alarmism over how much carbon humans emit. Temperature drives CO2 levels. If it was beneficial to reduce carbon, limiting human carbon emissions would have no effect because human carbon emissions are so minuscule. Other gases like methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, etc. are not major greenhouse gases. According to Dr. Michael Coffman, and over 30000 other scientists, carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for life on Earth. All plants must have it to produce food for themselves. At the current atmospheric concentrations, CO2 is limiting to plant growth. Currently, CO2 levels are about 387 ppm, and even if the levels increased by 500%, it would benefit agriculture and the Earth’s atmosphere without any harm to humans or other animal life. The consensus that CO2 is harmful and that the science is “settled” is false. Despite the fact that water vapor causes the overwhelming amount of greenhouse gas, the EPA failed to list it as a greenhouse gas in its ‘Endangerment Finding’, most likely because people would then understand that water, like carbon, is harmless and would reject the idea that CO2 is a threat to public health and welfare. The objective of controlling

25 thoughts on “what makes a green Nazi

  1. @grostig I seem to remember a few years back when this crap kicked into high gear about how The poles were going to melt & how the coasts were going to flood all because “Global Warming” was making the poles too hot to sustain the Ice sheets. Now because of the huge snow storms on the east coast of the United States they claim that “Climate Change” has caused the jet streams to dip down further south causing the massive snow storms. Wait ! I thought the polls were getting warmer ?

  2. It is important to know about how propaganda is done. I remember as a child in the 1970’s unable to sleep as I worried about pollution killing the planet in a few years before the 1980’s. I”m glad to say that it didn’t happen, but the song remains the same. Control, power and money is the objective.

  3. @libertydogfight because they believe without them We would be lost & destroy the planet even further than their own greed has. lol

  4. The ECO FASCIST(Go get a RFID DEVIL CHIP implanted)-Al Gore and his Eco Madmen-believe that there is too many people on the Earth so we either have to pay the UN(new world order) $Trillions to fix Global Warming or We have to start Killing Ourselves off to save the Planet-WHY don’t the ECO-FASCIST’s lead by example-they should set the example and kill themselves off and show us they really care! No they just what to kill off YOU.

  5. If you believe all of this nonsense then demonstrate your convictions by killing yourself & your family. Otherwise.. fuck off ! What makes you believe that You and your life has any more value than anyone else. I’m finished playing with you psycho. Move on & pester someone else. Geesh ! You can’t seem to let go of this video. I guess being exposed for what you are is just a bit too much to swallow huh ?

  6. @wingnut4427 – of course I and all sane people not in your chavscum pedo-cult know how things work.

    Why are you trying to make it sound like you even tried doing the easiest chemical reaction equations? Cause if you tried that you’d easiiyl see how much excess CO2 etc makes a difference.

    And you scum think you’re waking anyone up – total opposite, you’re the most mind-controlled idiots there are going, especially those of you who know they’re lying.

  7. Of a Nazi that it terrifies you that much? Maybe You should question your own motives instead because if it gnaws at your guts so much then perhaps you are the one with the mental disorder. And if you think your silly attacks are going to somehow convince me of the lie then you have got another thing coming. I will NEVER buy into this lie & I’ll NEVER surrender My individual freedoms for the sake of saving your imaginary false deity’s. Get a life & a clue Mister. You are being USED !!! WAKE UP!

  8. @DracOverLordHaton Do you even understand the basic principals of photosynthesis? You are demonstrating complete ignorance on the subject matter. You don’t seem to be aware that You are being used as a pawn in the globalists agenda unless of course You yourself are a part of it & hopes that No one notices. What the hell is wrong with you? Most normal people would leave one comment & repudiate the rebuttal & move on but you ! You can’t seem to move on. are You so offended by the comparison …..

  9. “what makes a green Nazi”

    – owning a copy of Karl Haushofers Economicon? In Vril.

  10. @wingnut4427 – no actually see we knew back when they chose not to implement the far less harmful types of the Lucifer Experiment tech that it was so they could rape the Earth, overpopulate it and create many more problems, then try to force us now to hand over our goods – it’s just to keep their diseased undeserving evil fed and sorted out, cause they wouldn’t have been able to have them here had the tech been put in right originally.

    No dice – roll it back, then we’ll talk.

  11. @wingnut4427 – utter nonsense that you’re well aware is lies. Yes of course there’s a whole load of other things poisining the environment, including the nuke tests you mention, but nobody would ever claim that then somehow means that excesses of other things – like CO2 – somehow aren’t also going to add to the disruption.

    And what you wrote about plants somehow being able to mop all that excess CO2 up – also utter bollox, and you and the ‘rest’ of you claiming so all know that.

  12. Monsanto is the biggest reason the Honey bees are dying off. The poisons that are growing in the plant life are being consumed through the collection of the plants nectar that the bees are collecting & killing them. Of course Big Oil wants to kill the coal industry ! it is their largest competitor ! Can You imagine the hit they would take if Rail Roads decided that Diesel was too expensive & recommissioned coal burning trains? it would DEVASTATE them ! They can’t risk it so they sell Warming lie

  13. On the wrong things. You should be attacking industry’s like Monsanto for GMO crops that are poisoning all life on this planet. You should be Attacking Big oil who used their power & influence to suppress technology that would have freed man from fossil fuels over 90 years ago ! Do a little reading on Nikola Tesla & you’ll learn something of real value & not that trash that Al Gore has jammed down your throat. Ohh & BTW.. I didn’t flag your channel or report you for anything. so get over it !

  14. @DracOverLordHaton it is not Carbon Dioxide that is causing the problem. Have you even looked into the experimental nuclear explosions in our atmosphere our government was doing back in the early 40’s? According to several experts This was the biggest reason for the hole in the Ozone layer. Google it ! I know how the ecosystem works. It’s a little something We call “photosynthesis” Google it ! The more carbon Dioxide We produce the better & richer the plant life. You are focusing your efforts

  15. @wingnut4427 – look, you must know that changing the atmospheric composition is damaging to the planet. It makes no difference that the planet also has natural cycles, because the point is that its natural cycles are being disrupted by the virus that is some humans – the non-indigenous ones, and others who refuse to comply with how the ecosystem works.

  16. But I’m the evil one here aren’t I ? Perhaps it’s not My unwillingness to believe your religion of global warming you should be focusing on. Maybe You should be looking into the motives of Your heroes like Al Gore & ask yourself .. “What do they benefit from imposing carbon taxes & how will the carbon tax improve the world”? But most importantly ” Who pockets the money from the taxes at the very top”? There is always someone at the very top that controls all. Wake up man. wake the hell up !

  17. Am I wrong for not buying your whole religion of global warming? or are You wrong for trying to impose your position on me? Don’t get me wrong. I agree our world needs to change. But many of the things We are now struggling with could have been prevented over 100 years ago if not for the efforts of the greedy oil barons who stifled great minds like Nikola Tesla. & yet it is these very corporations that are pushing the global warming Agenda so they can create false scarcity & drive up prices.

  18. @DracOverLordHaton I never said anyone was evil. I always state the evil intent behind their agendas that they themselves are not often aware of. You can think that I’m evil all you want. You know nothing about me other than My own personal opinion & just because I don’t agree with your position on global warming doesn’t mean I’m evil. It would be like Me assuming that all Atheists are evil because they don’t believe in My god. I don’t believe Your global warming religion. So who is wrong?

  19. @swiftkickinthaass If only we could get so lucky. He even went as far calling me a pedo. lol BASED ON WHAT !? LMAO I wish this douche bag would show up at My door. I would beat the stupid out of him. lol what a friggin loser. He probably takes the free H1N1 vaccines they are giving away now because they are free. lol He should take about 20 of them. lol

  20. @wingnut4427 what a hypocrite using a computer that is powered by a power plant , He probably takes long hot baths watches tv for hours, drives a car , and buys goods from his local Wal-mart… enjoys all the modern day conveniences… Wonder if he would consider killing himself to protect Gaia

  21. @swiftkickinthaass yeah.. When they compare us to Nazi’s it’s O K .. but if We do so.. We get death threats. Whats a puss wipe huh ?

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