25 thoughts on “The Shangri-La Diet

  1. @holidaygiftset thanks dude. I was stubborn as ever. I drank the EVOO. Freakish. I felt sooooo drunk. Darn need to start listening. I was high. Can’t keep my head up. šŸ™‚ thanks for telling me this. šŸ™‚ But surely, I didn’t eat anything after drinking a tablespoon of EVOO.:)

  2. well, why not try it? I’m starting today, either sugar in water or flaxseed oil capsules. and so far, it works.

  3. I find the hardest thing for me when dieting is getting enough nutrition. Smaller portions work, but Iā€™m left hungry and less food= less nutrition. I use nutritional supplements now and eat healthy, full meals.I got started at ryansnutrition com and have my appetite under control.

  4. @QueenSemiramis Oh well! šŸ™‚ Paleo diet pretty much just means eat only things a caveman would’ve had access to, right? Couldn’t you buy roasted chicken or cooked steaks as long as they aren’t covered in a BBQ sauce?

  5. @A550RGY
    Ha! Not very well. I got bored and switched to primal/paleo. I had good progress with this, but got lazy about cooking (my god, you have to cook EVERYTHING yourself!). lol

  6. i`ve try the “eat less kcal then u use” thing and never worked, i`ve been eating less then 1000 kcal, always making less and less cause never works…maybe i should just eat more kcal!! like the water with sugar thing. gonna start tomorrow!

  7. @blissfullydead89 the book explaining the diet is only $20 (maybe less from Amazon) and is worth every penny and then some if you want to lose weight.

  8. This is very interesting, but how much sugar is needed for thee water? Would it just be one table spoon before every meal or when you feel slightly hungry?

  9. I think it’s funny that he says sushi is “bland”! (in the book)
    This has much in common with other high fat diets, just easier! (no carb restriction)
    I have lots of practice sipping oils with Raw & Atkins. This sounds much less restrictive (and lazy)!
    I’m starting tomorrow.

  10. Here’s the truth… If you eat more calories than your body uses (burns) then you will gain weight. If you want to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories. The trick is getting your mind and body to not demand more food when you eat less. I have lost over 25 pounds in about 3 months by buying a rice cooker and eating brown rice and skinless chicken breast every day. I do not eat rich foods that taste that good. My food tastes ok but not that exciting. Also 1 tsp of fish oil and fruit.

  11. I’m not obese just a bit overweight and have tried the oil for the last week and I’ve cut down on junk food by 50%. I’m not very hungry anymore and when I do eat the food is good and healthy.

  12. Hi Ernietube1:

    I recently purchased Seith Roberts book. In the last chapter, he includes actual studies done by other researchers.

    Go to Barnes & Noble, but do not buy the book. Just thumb through it and read the studies.

    Good luck,


  13. We don’t overeat because of instinct, we overeat because the fucking food we’re given has no nutrition, if you eat healthy you won’t have that problem, duh!

  14. It seems to me that what he’s talking about is changing your mind and your minds responses to hunger. By cutting out the appetizing snack (which does just that and gets you primed for more eating)you take in a flavorless substitute which calms your hunger impulses. So its a mind trip. But like the ancients say “fight poison with poison.” We are on an oral trip and constantly stuffing our mouths. Thats a head trip. Fight head trip with head trip. AUM!

  15. Self experimentation and general curiosity constitutes a motivated scientist. Regarding it works,I doubt Robert will gain anything other than a good rep by freely explaining this

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