25 thoughts on “Margaret Cho – Persimmon Diet

  1. Oh hai, You should try That new intellectus 424 diet (Google the name). I have lost a load of the fat it is the best diet I have ever tried.

  2. same thing happened to me once because of disgusting food dye so eversince i look at some food with green or purple or red or whatever on it I run for th hills.:-)))

  3. Out of everything Margaret has ever said, be it politically minded, or just other genius, this has to be my favorite act from her stand up. Just perfect toilet humor.

  4. omgggg!!!! that is the exact voice mail I got from my sister when she pee’d her pants while at a red light lol!!!!!!!

  5. @000crazyshit
    she was actually a whole lot fatter before this….then she gained back some of the weight after this

  6. …If you’re ever going to go through another diet Margaret, wear a diaper…no wear two of them. But don’t go on a crazy rampage and drive and stalk your ex’s girlfriend…unless you’re going to make a funny ass joke about it.^^

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