This is a short and simple video that offers suggestions on how you can start to transition your diet from cooked foods to raw foods. Discover how you can change your life and level of health by consuming a 100% RAW FOOD DIET. 80 10 10 DIET CARBOHYDRATE DIET DETOX DIET DIABETES DIET…



  1. I am currently transitioning to raw. Tonight I cut up finely: cabbage, onion, carrot, broccoli, and zucchini and tossed through in a pan with a little melted butter, so everything was warmed through but still raw. I combined all that with some chopped parsley and salad greens and a drizzle of honey mustard dressing. So delicious, and great for a cold wintery evening in New Zealand.

  2. @FreshandMinty
    I think the Raw Diet is about raw plant-based food, not raw meat, which was probably the reason humans started to cook in the first place.

  3. Fruits are excellent to start your day! While pregnant I was having oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast every day. At the end of my first trimester, I started to get violently sick. After a week and a half I discovered that if I skipped breakfast and had my first meal at noon I wouldn’t get sick. But I couldn’t cut off nutrients when it mattered most, so a week later I started to eat fresh fruit, the higher the water content, the better. Now I know that the body has its own intelligence.

  4. @FreshandMinty Bad for you? How is raw fruit and vegetables – FRESH from its natural source, bad for you? It has all the vitamins and nutrients from its growth, availableto you. By cooking them, you destroy a percentage of the nutrients through protein denaturation.
    “Historically thats why we learnt to cook food” factually incorrect and a very naive blanket statement.

  5. @sebastion724 “Lite” means nothing in this country. It’s just another bit of brainwashing. It has 20 less calories than a regular beer. Why can’t people do their own research? Physiology, nutrition, biology—don’t they teach any of this in school anymore? Why aren’t all people interested in how best to care for their bodies? You have a car, you learn how to care for it, but not your own body? Unbelievable!

  6. @Irene00007 Beer is a processed food. I think there is “cold processed.” A dark beer can be quite nutritious, tho they all have a lot of carbs.

  7. @MrPastor77 lightly steamed is better. Find the ones you like raw. Maye bsugar-snap peas, green beans, carrots, celery, turnip cubes and chopped zuchinni in the salad, avocado, corn cut off the cob mixed with basil (I like eating raw white corn on the cob) etc.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    It si just what I need right now. I can not follow the advice of someone who eat raw food for 10 years, I need advices for beginner.

    Did I say thanks? :)))

  9. Raw diet!! what a load of cobblers. Historically that’s why we learnt to cook food, because raw food is BAD for you. Let’s not go back to being monkeys.

  10. Thanks. I like your narration, you probably didn’t have any training, but it sounded great! natural and clear.

  11. Question: For dinner I boil my vegetables to get them soft. I boil them for 10mins .. is this bad??

  12. Just to give you an idea what a doctor is going to say, I heard a radio interview with a person who told their doctor they were going to start a raw food regime. Their doctor said they would strongly advise against such “crazy fad diets like that”.
    Doctors don’t want to discuss your diet. They want to keep you ‘unwell’ and prescribe you drugs. That’s their “stock-in-trade”!

  13. @sebastion724
    Beer is not a fatty food but it’s definitely high in calories yet nuts are considered fatty, if you eat meat. If you don’t; you need the nuts and their good fats so I figure that if you’ve gone raw – beer can’t be all that bad!

  14. @beastieboydickie what is this naked and odwalla?14 dollars a day right now is to much if you can believe that have family but i have fruit trees and starteda garden to help with diet and saving money but yeah man will definately try it for a week and see you lost 6 pounds in a week that is great man.Hopefully i will have those kind of results im going to do it have long way to go want to lose 100 lbs am 6 ft. 3 in. 325 lbs nice talkin to ya bro stay in contact

  15. @Irene00007 are you sayin beer is not fatty? if it wasnt they wouldnt have light beer. But you are right you can make 90 proof alcohol from any type of fermented fruit and sugar that is where the calories come from all that sugar

  16. @sebastion724
    Dang… Historically, beer or some fermented grain/fruit has been a staple in many peoples’ diet. Kefir is fermented. 😉

  17. @sebastion724 Trust me the first week is the worst.
    I am on day 7 and went from 223 to 217.
    I had a small pizza on day four and when i got home I went right to bed and the
    pizza was just ugh…
    Naked and Odwalla help with this. I drink 2-3 in the am and 5 more during the day.
    I buy them buy the case so it costs me 14$ a day to eat which is much less then a pizza or
    fast food 3x a day.
    Anyways YES. The best part is I can eat and eat and eat and its not bad at all.
    Try it for a week!

  18. @beastieboydickie so i can pretty much lose weight by throwing a bunch of veggys and fruit into a blender ? that might work for me but i know it will be hard i guess that defeatist attitude of mine should be shed first

  19. @Irene00007 i think its a no no there is such a thing as “beer gut” and mixed drinks i know are fatty thats my prefrence unfortunatley . the lady narrating this sounds a little on the heavy side or maybe she just has a fat voice, but she makes alot of sense

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